I am Madhur Jain, born and brought up in the small town of Ratnagiri [MH/India]. I am fascinated by technology since i was a child. I am not into any sports though. My dad tried hard to get me playing cricket but i never found it interesting. I like to fiddle around with gadgets, taking things apart, programming, soldering, etc. I completed my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and went ahead to work with Infosys. While working with Infosys, i started working with my friend Sukhi on the website FreeMyCall.com. I then left Infosys to work full-time on FreeMyCall. We developed an awesome website along with a neat looking Facebook app and went live. Two months later we realized that it did not work as per the plans and we had to defer with the development of FreeMyCall. My curiosity in electronics and a desire to work along with a start-up landed me at an embedded systems start-up eNTesla where i met best of the people and had some life learnings. In my stint of around 10months with eNTesla i got to learn some amazing things. Eventually, the busy life with traffic, pollution and the irregularity in food timings dawned on me and i moved back to my hometown. I have now started a small office which goes by the name MadJack Technologies where i cater to the needs of local businesses providing them an end-to-end solution in custom desktop applications, web applications and mobile apps.

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